The Great Indoors: Top 10 Things To Do Indoors

Top 10 Things To Do Indoors Forget about the Great Outdoors – for the next…

Top 10 Things To Do Indoors

Forget about the Great Outdoors – for the next few weeks, it’s all about the Great Indoors! Following government guidance is vitally important as this will help our country to prevent the spread of COVID-19. On top of this, it ensures we are all looking after each other as much as we can.

This month our blog at Hanley Caravans takes a slightly different turn and looks at the top 10 things to do indoors.

1. Explore the Garden

Even though we have to stay at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful spring sunshine. For those that have a garden, this is the perfect place to relax. From reading a book on a picnic blanket to playing with your children or pets, there’s nothing better to enjoy.

2. Try Out Some New Recipes

Been eyeing up a cooking book for a while? There really is no better time to learn a new recipe and try out some new food. There are plenty of websites online that are full of recipes, from BBC Good Food to Delish you’re bound to find something.

There have also been some handy tips from people about how to use items already in your cupboard. Watch John Torode on ITV’s This Morning for some great ideas.

3. Have a Spring Clean

It may not seem like the most exciting thing to do, but tidying up can be relaxing. You could take this time to get everything organised at home! With busy working lives, it can be difficult to find the time to clean our homes as much as they deserve. Plus getting to the back of those kitchen cupboards could prove handy.

4. Find a New Favourite TV Show

There are endless streaming platforms out there to enjoy including Netflix, Now TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime and new channel Disney +. For those with kids or grandkids to look after, finding a new TV show to binge can be a great help. There are also on-demand services to use as well.

5. Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

As it’s coming up to Easter weekend, a lot of us are used to spending time with family. Easter Eggs are a favourite every year and you can still do this at home! Hiding Easter eggs, mini eggs or other treats around the house gives you an easy, cheap and safe alternative to larger Easter Egg hunts. Just try to remember where you put everything.

6. Listen to Music

One of the best ways to relax and unwind indoors is to sit back and enjoy some music. From Spotify to record players, the choices are endless. If you can’t get to a gig or festival, bring that to you! YouTube is full of festival clips for you to enjoy.

7. Camp Indoors

Missing your caravan? Take it up a notch and camp indoors! Set up your own space and pretend that you’re on a breakaway to your favourite location.

Another popular thing to do is urban camping. If you have a garden, you could set up your own camp and make the most of the sunshine and time with those in your household.

8. Research Your Next Trip

You may as well start planning your next trip away! The country’s lockdown won’t last forever and in the future we’ll be able to enjoy weekends away like we used to. Use this time to research into new locations or prepare for a new holiday.

You could find out more about things to do as well as places to visit. On top of this, you could even upgrade your current holiday home or invest in one if you don’t have one already.

9. Exercise and Stay Healthy

Being healthy is still important and we should all try to keep up with exercise where possible. Yoga is a great form of exercise and you can do this almost anywhere. There are also online classes being run by gyms and experts such as Joe Wicks.

Make sure you follow the most up to date government guidelines at all times.

10. Take Up a Hobby

Finally, why not take up a new hobby? From playing on a games console to learning a musical instrument, there are so many hobbies for you to take up. This gives you something to do and keeps your mind occupied.

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