Preparing For The New Season

As Spring approaches, it’s time for caravan parks across the UK to reopen their doors to holidaymakers. Most seasons range between 8 and 10 months, making the most of the glorious British summer. If a caravan has been shut up for a couple of months, it can be daunting coming back to open up and start using your unit again.

Our blog this month at Hanley Caravans takes a look into the new season and how you can prepare your static caravan and lodge. Below are some handy tips and pieces of advice to make it easy for you to start 2020 and enjoy the following season.

Bring What You Need

It may seem obvious, but make sure you bring everything you need! Most of us clear things out of a static before closing up for the winter period. This is to keep things safe but also ensure your caravan isn’t an obvious target for potential break-ins.

Depending on how much you’ve removed, you may need to make a list of what to take back. This will keep things simple and make sure you stay on top of what’s needed for a weekend break away. Things like duvet covers, crockery and tech systems are included in this. There’s nothing worse than driving for miles to find out you’ve forgotten the basics.

Check for Damp

One of the main things you should always do at the start of a season is to check over your unit. This way you can fix any issues as quickly as possible, preventing further damage and saving you time. Check the interior and exterior for obvious signs of damp or mould as these are common in statics that have been left for long periods of time.

In most cases, it’s easy to resolve the issue. Mould can easily be removed with wipes or mould remover. Although, you should take the time to look into the issue and find out what caused it. This can be anything from poor ventilation to leaks that you’ll need to repair as quickly as possible. If left, leaking could potentially cause damage to the structural integrity of your caravan.

Weather and Damage

Long winters and excessive rain are common in the UK, especially in the North of England. Checking for damage is normal and makes sure that nothing complex or sinister is at hand. Windy weather could have blown debris into your guttering which would need clearing and a wet weekend could have resulted in leaks.

Even though it’s unlikely for the weather to have caused damage, it’s always best to be prepared for this possibility. Giving your unit a check over at the start of the season can prevent a lot of problems from developing and allow you to make the most of your holiday home.

Water Systems and Taps

Again, it may seem like an obvious step in the new season but check your taps! Most people will drain down their units for the winter, so you need to ensure any systems are turned back on and working correctly.

It’s a good idea to walk around the unit and make sure all the taps are in the right positions.

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