Part Exchange: Upgrade Your Caravan

Having a static caravan is a great way of taking a break. You can select a model which is perfect for you and place it on a site that you love. However, upgrading your holiday home can be a daunting task.

One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to consider part exchange schemes. Here at Hanley Caravans our blog looks at what these are and how you can take part in one.

What is Part Exchange?

This is the process of selling your current caravan back to your park in exchange for a more up-to-date model. If the site is interested in buying the holiday home back, you will receive an offer. Any price quoted is always dependant on the make, model, condition and age.

Most programmes will consider all types, makes and models of a static caravan. However, it is worth checking with the park or company directly.

How It Can Benefit You?

If you love your current holiday park but want to upgrade your caravan, then part exchange is the best path to take. A holiday home will naturally develop wear and tear over time. Eventually at some point, it will be time to swap your older model for a new one.

Part exchange schemes ensure that you receive some return on your old model. You can then put this towards to new one. Whether it is more space you are after or contemporary features, you can find the right static caravan for you.

Additionally, it can often work out cheaper to upgrade than to repair your caravan. The cost of replacing windows and internal fittings can be more than it is worth. Investigating what a part exchange scheme can bring for you is always worthwhile.

Find Out More

At Hanley Caravans we provide a part exchange scheme for our customers. If you would like any further details, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team today on 01624 621447.

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