Benefits Of Static Caravans

When it comes to holidays and taking a break, a static caravan is ideal. As well as offering all the facilities you need, they are easy to decorate and make your own. A caravan provides you with a space that will always be there whenever you need it.

At Hanley Caravans, we have a number of sites situated across the North of England. Any of these are ideally located to explore the surrounding locations.

All You Need

Modern caravans are fitted with the latest technology and home comforts. From corner sofas to entertainment systems, you can have anything you need. Most caravans have somewhere between 2 and 4 bedrooms, creating plenty of space for your belongings.


One of the best advantages of owning your own is added security that comes with it. As these are placed onto a site, you can rest assured that your caravan is safe at all times. There are always other people around and you know exactly where it is at all times.


If you’ve ever wanted to get away from a busy schedule, then owning your own caravan is the best option. You can buy one anywhere, opening up a new location for you to enjoy. On top of this, you have no need to tow anything.

Unlike tourers, statics give you freedom and allow you to go away without much hassle.

Unique Interiors

Designing a brand new space is exciting. With a new caravan of your own, you are free to add your own touches. You can include throws, cushions, pictures, and fragrances to make the space feel like home.


One of the best things about owning your own static caravan is the ability to explore a completely new location. You can remove yourself from a busy life and spend time away enjoying walks and local attractions.

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